The Plank Pose.

Some of you might be familiar with the plank pose. The plank is a great exercise to retrain your ab muscles to work more efficiently. Yes, I can testify its killer, but very effective. This is just one of my personal trainer's fave moves, which pretty much leaves me wasted after just two minutes.

If you’re wondering how balancing on your elbows and toes will help with your ab and stomach muscles you should give the plank a try. The weight of your body and gravity will pull the middle of your body towards the ground, and your back will have the tendency to sag and arch.

To prevent this you must use your ab and stomach muscles and pull in your belly button to keep your body in good alignment.
If you are a beginner like me, you may notice that your body starts to shake terribly, after a few seconds of holding the plank position. This is simply due to a lack of coordination and strength in your core muscles. Anyway I'm hoping after doing the famous plank pose, I'll look something like the image below and if I can do would have been worth every aching second. Hey a girl can dream can't she....LOL.

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  1. I actually love plank position great ender for me personally. I am still fighting to keep workout consistently but I 'll get there.

  2. love the plank position until I start to tremble. If my stomach will look like the pic above then I will continue to plank day & night. Good post!


  3. Yeah I love it too...makes me feel strong

  4. Ahh the plank! i've been neglecting it as part of my workouts recently but it's great!!


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