Sometimes its hard to trust God when facing particular challenges in ones life. Today I am reminded that it is more important to know God's character than to ask why. Why God, why me? The Word of God serves as a reminder and an encouragement, for me not to doubt God or question why he allows certain obstacles in exist in my life. Like difficult family and work relationships, illnesses and death of a loved one. Today I will hold my heart high as I remain righteous, blameless and conduct myself always in a manner worthy of the Gospel. Ultimately it 's my desire to please God, no one else.

Have a great week everyone.Hugs and Loves.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Nothing like the word to provide necessary encouragement for the day. You have a great week as well:)

  2. It's always good to reach for a hand that's bigger than your own. God is faithful in any and all circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing and being an encourager to your readers.

  3. Beautiful and powerful words. I often have to remind myself who I am really living for and trying to impress as well...I like what you said about knowing God's character rather than asking why. That's very wise and I will try to remember that.

    Hope your day is lovely!

  4. Amen..I needed that today!! God is always ahead of me and I need not worry, but trust!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! xx


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