Summer's End: Pina Coladas & Pool Parties.


 As summer draws to an end, I've been looking for every opportunity to wear my new swimsuits. Not just because of my exercise program, but isn't that what summers are for. Being 40 plus, I've now hung up my bikinis from my yesterdays  and now want a more age appropriate look for my lounging at the beach and by the pool. Who am I kidding!!!!! Yes; a swimsuit that holds all of these curves in, something sturdy and not at the sight of a huge wave leave my body and go running for cover. You laugh but I'm serious, a girl my age can't afford to look like I'm trying to be twenty... that ship has sailed. 

As the weekend draws near, my social calendar has suddenly been filled with end of summer barbeques and of course pool parties masked as kids pool parties. So here are a few lovely swimsuit cover ups that I could look stylish yet modest in while chasing my kids around the pool.

Nautical Cover Up by Victoria's Secret

Marilyn Pop Culture Cover Up by Victoria's Secret

I'm really loving these cover ups very much. What about you???? I'm also craving a Pina Colada right about now, and nothing says end the summer like a big chilled, tall glass of Pina Colada. (without the RUM, of course). Needless to sat this is no where near being on my meal plan for the next 12 weeks. So it looks as though I'll have to stop counting calories when it comes to the coconut milk, I'll be drinking in large quantities.

So here's to a sweet summer's end my Lovelies. 



  1. Love the illustrations and summer suits!

  2. cuuuute! i love the summer suits but i'm so ready for fall!!

    allister bee blog

  3. I love that nautical cover up! I could go for a pina colada right about now!!!

  4. I'm so sad that summer's coming to an end, but am also excited that the cooler weather's coming our way. :)

    I hope you have fun this last week of August. Enjoy. And pool party it up!


  5. These are all awesome especially the cover ups! You go with the bikini...I so want to be there too!

  6. going to miss summer but i welcome fall

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  7. i love the cover ups!

    and pina coladas are my favorite ... i could drink them at any time!


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