These Last Days of Summer

Images via Rue & Pinterest.

How will you spend these last days of Summer????? 


  1. How pretty - the first picture is magical! Thank you for visiting me - will follow you too! Have a lovely day :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by :).

    Great question, I was thinking about doing more picnics near the riverbank in my city.

  3. The qn is kinda irrelevant to me coz in india its summer till the rain starts and then its sumnmer again the very next day. :) the second last picture is so insanely gorgeous. how on earth was that clicked!!!

  4. I wish I was on the beach..gorgeous photos..thanks for stopping by my blog, am following you now too, have a great weekend flower!! xx

  5. The second picture captures how I hope to spend the last days of my summer. I enjoy spending time on the beach and reading a good book, so hopefully I can get a few uninterrupted days to do so.

    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring. I am now following :) Enjoy these last days of summer!

  6. Beautiful!

    I'm hoping to fit in a picnic, maybe go to the lake, and I've started canning stuff for the fall. :)

    Hope you are enjoying the final days of summer!

  7. i wish my last days of summer were like the ones in the pictures you posted! beautiful!

  8. I dont want summer to end! Im a big chaser of Summer! I haven't seen show for over 8 years!) This year Im going to Spain to extend my warm days!


  9. Gorgeous pictures Very inspiring! I think I will spend the last days of summer outside enjoying the weather :)



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