August 12, 2011

Weekend Style Inspiration.

via all we need to end this week on.  I have been loving what a little shimmer does to  a woman. I love the makeup, clothing, accessories and of course the shoes that I have been seeing. But for me I can only do shimmer in moderation,  to much of it can make a person seem like they're trying too hard. Simple touches is what I definitely go for, like the above shimmer strands added to this french's lovely and unique.  So to everyone I say, have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and don't forget to sparkle.


Images via Pinterest.


  1. Have a most lovely weekend Lisa!

  2. Thanks for inspiring me to add some sparkle to my work uniform tonight! Maybe I'll do a crazy sparkly eye! :)


  3. Have a shimmering weekend dear! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. this post is like heaven for me! ahhh, i love glitters.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following me. i am now your newest follower.

    I'm also having a Feather Earrings Giveaway. Come and join it. :D
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  5. All that glitters is not gold, but your collection certainly add glamour to a girls wardrobe, Have a great weekend

  6. Exquisite post, darling!
    Loving all these sequins!


  7. ahhh, love the images! so inspirational ... i def. want to sparkle! ;)

  8. Absolutely stunning! I always add a little bling to my bookmarks and tags, but you've inspired me to add more....Maybe, little findings, also. I'm so inspired! Thank you, and blessings!


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