Happy Birthday to Lonny Magazine..

As Lonny magazine celebrates it's two year anniversary, I am in awe of the fabulous September-October issue they have put together. So many design elements in this issue to share with you from dining room libraries, to tape art, orange lacquer painted  walls to world map wallpaper and gorgeous Harbour Island residences. Be sure to check the new issue here you won't be disappointed.
So grab your tea or coffee and warm croissants this lovely morning and enjoy.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONNY MAGAZINE!! Love the editorial, so inspirational would never of thought of having a world map as wallpaper...but it works! Might need to order an issue! : D

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  2. happy birthday lonny magazine!
    amazing pics! so inspiring!

  3. Never heard of Lonny mag but they seem to have lovely things!

  4. I love Loony magazine!!! and the pics you used are pretty nice! i love the last one the most btw!

  5. wow, beautiful! i need some of that decor in my life!

  6. Loved every page in the latest issue! Congratulations to Lonny and the amazing team to bring us so much gorgeous inspiration. I was dying over that bathroom with the maps on the wall - how fab! xx

  7. I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet.. But judging by your pics, it looks amazing. Love that last one with the chalkboard wall. Reminds me I have a can of chalkboard paint at home waiting to be used! Haha

  8. Ahh these pictures put me in such a good mood :) Never heard of this mag but it has lovely and inspiring pics!


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