A Touch of Sparkle.

Did you catch Alice + Olivia’s short film presenting its Fall collection on Shopbop
It’s so cute and cheeky in a sophisticated, glam sort of way.
Don't you love sequins?? I do and and what better way to start the week. I am sure we girls love a bit of sparkle in our wardrobes. I couldn't help but notice that most designers and clothing icons are adding glam pieces to there collections and there is so much to choose from. Well for me, I can only do sequins in small doses like a clutch, top or a shoe. But give me time, maybe for the approaching
holiday season I'll step out in full sequin leggings or a skirt. So I hope as another week dawns you'll enjoy my pics in this post and consider whether a bit of sparkle is just what you need.

Left: Alice + Olivia Ritchie Sequin Dress, $550
Right: Alice + Olivia Audra Sequin Tank, $396

3.1 Phillip Lim Asymmetrical Sequin Drape Dress, I've had my eye on this dress for sometime.

Haute Hippie Cape 
is such a great weekend look.

Miu Miu Sequined Shoulder Bag, is so cute.

Shop some these fabulous looks via SHOPBOP.


  1. beautiful silver dress

  2. Love me some Alice and Oliva!!! I just posted about a top for P. I think it's the sequin that gets me!

  3. were on the same wavelength with the sequins :)

  4. i like the touch of sparkle...but the sequenced top is lovely!

  5. lovely post¡¡¡ great blog¡¡¡

    kisses from Mexico :D

  6. Oh! J'adore this video! It's so playful and fun! and of course the clothes are AH-mazing! But then again, I have a tension towards loving all that glitters ;)


  7. Hi Lisa, thanks for your lovely comment. i liked your blog too and I looove glitter, sparkle and Miu Miu :) am following you.

  8. I did see that video and loved it! So cute and made me want to play tag! Lol!! Absolutely LOVE anything with sequins and anything that sparkles!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog - I appreciate it so much! I'm loving your blog!



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