Dresses, dreams are made of...

by none other than  Duro Olowu ...Best known for his insanely flattering kimono dress, Duro Olowu has most definitely bought  the Montego Bay chic," as the designer calls it,  to the high fashion London market with his exotic prints, chic Fall suits and trademark dresses. Mixing stripes, abstracts with florals and picking a palette of green, red and blue with splashes of other shades, this was a wearable, pretty collection.

Have a great day everyone.



  1. I can definitely relate to the Montego Bay Chic.

  2. These are awesome designs and the prints are beautiful!

  3. These are amazing..I love the colors..Great great collection..wow!!!

  4. The colors are so amazing - now to be taller and slimmer - then they'd look good on me, too! Lovely!


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