Happy Friday and A Featured Blogger: The Artsy Girl Connection.

When did you start blogging and why?
 I started blogging in form of writing letters to my son about six years ago. It moved on to sharing creative DIY craft idea's, tutorials and recipes with my family more recently (a little over a year ago). It's my escape, I love being amongst craft addicts, finding new idea's, I smile at a blogger's vision, photography style, recipes, and simply just knowing that there are so many creative and artsy bloggers to pull inspiration from. Blogging excites me, my hubs to be recently said I need a home blog schedule, haahaa, meaning I should have blog off days.. It's truly one of my favourite past times.."I can't stop crafting......" 

How did your passion for photography start?
 I started loving photography I think about 10 or 11years old, more so fashion photography from magazines, pamphlets and clippings. I was really drawn to war photography back in Ghana where I sought refuge with my family after leaving Liberia during the civil war. I admired how much soul was in the pictures I saw, how it moved you, the composition, the editing, I fell in love with all the little things that I don't think people take the time to notice in a photograph.. I became more curios over time and have remained a true photography lover.. I recently learned how to develop film and now have the sense of cool factor (lol) feeling..

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Tell us a little about your passion for all things artsy and crafty?

I love to craft. I love to add my own spin and twists to things to make them ME.. I create a lot for my family and friends but mostly for my children and around the house. I love the joy I get when I can make something for someone exactly or beyond what they imagined and have them be simply happy. I love having the children stand out with things I make them for school or around the house.. 

Most of all, I LOVE the feeling of a bride or someone celebrating something. I get so much from all the intricate details and time I put into decorating, or working on a project for them to enhance a day and make it just that much more special for them..

My favorite crafting projects usually tend to be weddings.. There's So much love and emotion and nothing brings me more joy then seeing the bride and groom completely in awe and excited to show off their vision on their special day..

All images are courtesy of The Artsy Girl Connection. Please do not copy without permission.

The thing I love most about what I do is… 
I love capturing moments.. I have BOXES filled with photo's.. I love pulling them out, reminding people of a moment they forgot about, I love to see my children as they grow, the changes, the love that blooms, just everything about a beautiful memory forever captured moves me.

All images are courtesy of The Artsy Girl Connection. Please do not copy without permission.

Who are your style or inspirational icons and why?
I'm OBSESSED with Shingai Shoniwa, she's the lead singer from the Noisettes.  She's AMAZINGLY talented, her voice, HER STYLE! I want to kidnap her, her closet and her hair.. lol. She just reminds me of me in another lifetime.
I love her personality, how confident she is and how she's built upon nothing into becoming all that she is today... her story is unique and it really inspires me.

Shingai Shoniwa

Who are some of your fave blogs?
I have 1 2 many.. lol.. I hate to be bias.. I'll say, Ginger Snaps, and The Tip Junkie .. : )) My girlfriend's blogs keep me entertained too.. Kimba's2cents and Love and Tangles..

I’m currently reading...
The House on Sugar Beach.. It's a Liberian born author (Helene Cooper) and truly reminds me of home..I've had such a blast reading, remembering and shedding a few tears.. great read..

What item of clothing you can't live without this fall.
MY SCARFS.. I'm addicted to scarfs.. I own at least over 30!! I get them for gifts because my family and friends know I love them..

On a Saturday afternoon you’d most likely find me….
LOL, this is unpredictable coming from where I'm from, the kids are all over, we have a million activities and usually will be out and about, but if it where left to me, out and about town indulging in photography,in a garden full of flowers, painting, crafting or something quiet to myself.. I truly enjoy my quiet times..

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

I hope to be a successful event planner, have my own business or working within a happy partnership doing the things I love freely with no boundaries.

All images are courtesy of The Artsy Girl Connection. Please do not copy without permission.

Favorite Quote… 

I love this quote because it simply reminds me that loving ME first before anything else I indulge in is far more important, as when all is gone, when all is quiet, when no one exist in the dark of the night, I remain ME, alone and with myself...

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart.  I am.  I am.  I am.  ~ Sylvia Plath.
A big thank you to Marilyn for taking time to visit with us. We wish her all the very best and we look forward to seeing more fab craft and photography coming our way. Be sure to visit her blog here and say hello.

Cheers my Lovelies, I'm off to do some much needed shopping for a wedding I'm attending Saturday morning. I'll be sure to take lots of pics.  So bye for now and have a great weekend.



  1. Great read, really enjoyed this. Have a great weekend xx

  2. I like this interview very informative. Will have to check her out! x


  3. Thanks SO MUCH Lisa, this is SO awesome, I can't even express enough thank you's.. LOVE it.. I am so honored!!! : ))

  4. Marilyn has such great ideas that anyone can do for less to nothing cost most of the time I have the items in the house, looking forward to seeing more great stuff!


  5. Oh I absolutely ADORE Marilyn and all her creations. She is truly talented;-) great great interview... Glad I got to know more about her:-)

  6. Awesome feature Marilyn! You are definitely crazy talented behind the lens and with crafts. You have inspired me in sooooo many ways. I've always wanted to be "crafty" and now I'm finally starting it after finding your blog.
    Also, when I go back to work, I want to do event planning too. I knew I had a connection and was inspired by you so quickly for a reason. :-)
    Great blog Lisa! Now following!

  7. Very lovely! Very interesting to read! <3<3


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