Happy Weekend and I've been Tagged.

Who is you favorite author?

Ken Follett is a totally brilliant writer.

What is your favorite book?

as well as  his follow up book "World without End".

What is your favorite movie?

Who is your favorite actor or actress?

 I adore Viola Davis of "The Help" fame.

Who is your celebrity crush?

I'm totally a fan of Michael Fassbender of X-Men - First Class fame.

If you could ask God one question....what would that be?
There would be so many.

Jay - Z or Kanye West?

  Why did you start blogging?
My husband encouraged me to start blogging as I loved reading many other lovely blogs. What can I say my blog is still evolving.

Which of the Disney Princesses are you most like?

 I love Princess Tianna and Princess Jazmine.

11. What is your eternal age? (You know like Mariah Carey says that she is eternally 12 and I am eternally 19.... which age are you?)

I'm eternally 30. 

So now that everyone knows a little bit more about me, why don't you give it try. Thanks Mrs. Geek Goddess for tagging me.



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