Vanity Inspiration: Organized Jewelry.

photography by Ashley Batz.

Hello everyone, I am here today inspired by these gorgeous jewelry displays. Whether its beautiful trays, frames, or tea cups, there is nothing like starting your morning at a lovely organized vanity.


via live creating yourself {alaina’s dressing room}

photography by Joielala Photographie



  1. Pretty! I hope that you had a fabulous birthday! :) Also, I tagged you in a game. Please see my blog for further details.

  2. i keep thinking that i should do this coz my jewellery is always all over the place and i keep losing them!

  3. I love jewelry displays...mins is a little horrid right now but these are great ideas!

  4. Love all of those, need them too, am currently trying to get mine organized..have a great weekend! xx

  5. love this! i have something similar to the 1st!

  6. i think the teacups are cute! I need to get my jewelry organized. I hate it when my necklaces get all twisted together and when I can't find jewelry mates!! But these are all cute ideas.

  7. as an interior design student, i was inspired by your post, keep posting. love your blog! really i'm a fan =)


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