February 20, 2012

Decisions, Decisions.

Here's to a wonderful week ahead to everyone. I do feel I am faced with many decisions today, that I have  been putting off for sometime now. But one cannot make decisions in a vacuum or without it affecting others that you dearly love, that's my biggest fear to date. That's how I feel this morning, ever been here, I'm sure you have... decisions about my life and where I'm going with my career, do I even like who I am becoming, my marriage, my kids. Decisions almost always mean change, they go hand in hand don't they??? What decisions are you facing today?  Are you willing to take that leap of blind faith and let God catch you?? That's me at the moment and so that I don't ramble on...be sure to let me know what makes you feel ready to make hard decisions.



  1. I hope your able to make the choices you need! I just try to go with what I feel inside and make my choice! It can be hard, but I know when I listen to my inside, I make the right choice. Wish you a marvelous week! xx

  2. I'm sure you'll make the "right" decision which is good for both you and family. xx

  3. I can definitely relate about making tough decisions. Yes, I am definitely taking a leap of faith and trusting God to lead the way. Have a great week doll!


  4. aww, hope u have a great day & try not to get stressed out

  5. Nice picture and keep your head up high....


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