March 30, 2012

The Earth Laughs in Flowers...Happy Weekend.

Pua melia (Plumeria)

Plumeria (common name Frangipani) is a tropical flowering plant. 
It contains 7-8 species of mainly deciduous shrubs and small trees. They are native to Central AmericaMexico, the Caribbean, and South America as far south as Brazil, but have been spread throughout the world's tropics. 
The waxy fragrant and long lasting flowers are borne in clusters on trees that look somewhat succulent. The plants are quite drought resistent and are common in dry areas where other plants may suffer. The plant exudes a poisonous milky sap when injured but this has not detracted from its popularity. Here in Barbados, I have the yellow and  pink trees in my garden. The perfume of plumeria is, to me, the smell of the islands of the Caribbean.

Happy Weekend to All.



  1. Ah, so love seeing the happy flowers of the Caribbean;-)

  2. What a beautiful flower..I love flowers & the Caribbean :) Happy weekend doll! xx

  3. Wow! I had no idea you live in Barbados! What a beautiful country! Went there many moons ago while on a cruise.

  4. The flowers are gorgeous...happy weekend indeed!!

  5. The purple & orange ones are amazing!!!

  6. The earth does laugh in flowers. It does indeed!


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