'Interview with HER'. A Featured Blogger Series. A Very Sweet Blog by Kim Alston.

When did you start blogging and why? 

I started fashion and lifestyle blogging less than a year ago. I thought it would be a great way to meet people from around the world and stay up-to-date with fashion trends. 

What inspires you to blog??? 

I really love hosting giveaways. You’d be surprise the number of companies that want to give away free products. So far this year, I’ve partnered with Vitabath, Sharp Hill Designs, t+j Designs and Print Runner. I also supply a lot of giveaways. My readers have won DIOR nail polish, etiquette books, Godiva chocolate, Ooh la Frou Frou notecards, and gorgeous photography prints. Most of my readers have won something already! I’m looking for more US readers to give stuff to. HaHaHa 

The thing I love most about what I do is… 

Giving to others. It really makes me feel good, when I can put a SMILE on someone’s face. 

Who are your style or inspirational icons and why? 

Courtesy Girl with Curves
I really like Tanesha Awasthi of the blog ‘Girl With Curves’ (http://girlwithcurves.tumblr.com/). She has great style and proves that no matter what your size, everyone can dress beautifully. 

What is your fave fashion item at the moment in your closet? 

Sam Edelman 'Beatrix' ballet flat.
Cute ballet flats and sandals. Overall I’m pretty laid back when it comes to fashion. You’ll usually find me in jeans, a stripy tee, blazer and cute ballet flats (i.e. Sam Edelman). 

What are you reading at the moment? (or have read recently)? 

Blogs. Just kidding! I’m reading Hunger Games for the upcoming movie, but I’ve also been concentrating on selling things on my blog. I’m opening an online shop entitled A Very Sweet Shop where I’ll be selling some of my clothes, shoes, bags and other items. Most items will cost between $10 - $50 (and that includes shipping). 

Who are some of your fave blogs? 

Lisa of Respect the Shoes – I love the way Lisa writes. She’s more than a fashion blog. She shares real life situations and truly involves her readers.

Jennifer of Red Soles and Red Wine – Jennifer is my go to girl to see what is haute and hot. She can whip up a gorgeous outfit in seconds.

Rowena of Rolala Loves  – Rowena showcases fierce Asian fashion. She also has two cute Asian dolls that put Barbie and Ken to shame.

Kizzy of The Dainty Doll House – I go to Kizzy’s blog when I want escapism. Her blog is whimsical and dreamy, intertwined with a rich sense of history, fashion and photography. 

If you had the opportunity to host a dinner party, where would it be and which famous people you would invite and why? 

I’m really big on Europe right now, so definitely a place in London. Not sure where, but they have some wonderful places. I would invite some fabulous actors: Colin Firth, Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Denzel Washington, Thandie Newton, Gong Li. 

I’m currently obsessed with… 

Colored and Pastel Jeans. I love all of the pastel and color jeans that have come out. They’re really fun.

via whipped style

On a Saturday afternoon you’d most likely find me… 

Cleaning the house, relaxing and watching Netflix movies. HaHaHa Unless I’m going out to lunch with friends or attending an event that’s what I’m doing. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Hmmm, hopefully still living a peaceful, tranquil life, traveling more and blogging about it. 

Favorite quote… 

Well, one of my favorites is from P. Diddy. It always makes me chuckle. “To succeed in anything in life you need a vision. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, you need to chop them mother f****ers down.” 

Kate Spade Tote

Another one is Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake!” Doesn’t a slice of good cake always make things better? 

Thank you so much Kim for a wonderful interview and an even more brilliant blog. Take care, I will keep in touch as we have so much in common like cake to name a few. HeeHee. Hugs and Love.



  1. Kim's blog is such fun! I so enjoy her sense of humour.

  2. Kim is darling, I adore her! She has that fun sense of humour that I miss from back home. And she's an actual genuine person - that can be hard to find these days!! Loved this interview, so good!! xx

  3. Loved this interview! It was great to read more about Kim!

    I always enjoy her posts, and her sweet comments on my blog :)


  4. Lisa, thank you so much for the beautiful write up and post! I really appreciate it and thank you. Have a great week! :D Thanks ladies for your kind words.

  5. Kim is so fun and awesome, isn't she? i really love her blog and I love yours too, so I'm so happy to see this interview on here. Love the dinner party question.

  6. Kim is the sweetest! Love her style too!


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