Monday's Inspiration: Perfume Trays.

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Gorgeous nightstand vignette with Pottery Barn Park Mirrored Bedside Table, 
The Cross Decor & Design silver tray, fragrances, jewelry tray and wood baluster lamps from Home Sense.

Caitlin Wilson Design

Chic dresser vignette with white qua trefoil lattice screen, white pedestal fragrance tray and acrylic accessory holders.

Lovely vignette with glossy white round acrylic tray, perfumes and Hermes H Bracelet.

Lonny Mag

Faux python tray, brushes and mini-cologne bottles.

Rue Mag
Chic bedroom vanity vignette with green walls paint color white mirror, white vanity, silver gallery frame with black & white photo and pink tray.

This, the start of a new week, I am reminded that inspiration can be found anywhere...and I am even more determined to live an inspired life and to be a light to those around me. Even though challenges, distractions and set backs come I cannot allow myself to be pulled under by negative emotions that I feel of late so often. I am resolved to rise above it all and stay hopeful, inspired and true . Are you???

Well, what does that have to do with perfume trays you ask...not a darn thing.

 Happy Monday to All.



  1. I have been obsessed with perfume trays lately. Seem as if i can have enough. Snatch a lovely antique one from my parents' home during my last visit lol. Great post and beautiful images.

  2. I love those, I need one too for my bottles. I agree, we have to rise above the negativity and live life!!Loved that, hope you have a great week :) x

  3. Love these inspirations. I've always wanted a perfume tray! :)

    xx Jess


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