Sunday Afternoon.


Don't you just adore Sundays to rejuvenate and spend time with loved ones. Today I'm having lunch with my Mum, Dad and my family which is always such a bonding time for me. I also get to curl up in my old room with a good book while the kids spend time with their Gran-Mum and my Hubby and Dad talk. Then if there is any energy left we might swing by the beach for an evening walk. The weather looks great today so I'm hoping we will have sunset similar to this one if we're lucky.

Have a great week ahead my lovely friends.



  1. I really wish I could take a long walk on the beach. Your weekend looks really relaxing, I love it!

    Tarah and The City

  2. Amazing photo! Hope you enjoyed. It was nice here, so I enjoyed! Wish you a great new week :) x

  3. I love the weekends! It's a great time to regroup. I wish we had a beach I could walk on. Very nice Lisa! Have a great week.

  4. Sundays are absolutely the best for spending time together indeed!


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