April 20, 2012

Happy Weekend and Glorious Denim.


Well, what better way to end the week, than with some fashion inspiration. I'm sooo loving the denim jacket right now. So here are a few lovely bloggers making the look fierce. This weekend I'll be rocking my denim jacket with a long flowing, maxi skirt and top, sandals, a statement necklace and bangles.
What's your fave way to wear your denim jacket????




Mango Distressed Denim Jacket (similar) | White Racerback Tank | Caylpso St. Barth Ikat Maxi(similar colors) | Bruuns Bazzar Sandals (similar) | Zara Shopper Basket (similar) | Gold Link Necklace (similar)

Happy Weekend Everyone.



  1. So pretty!! Love them combined with a gorgeous dress!! Hope you have a super weekend :) x

  2. Hi Lisa!
    Love me some denim jacket! I have two, one without a collar and that's my favourite, wear it with a colourful scarve and voila, ready to go.
    Thanks for this post, can't wait till the weather is warmer to take mine out.
    Hope you'll have a good weekend,
    Maureen x

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by my place yesterday! (I hope you are getting some weekend rest and refreshment from the weariness of daily life!) Your blog is lovely. Such a nice combination of glimpses of your beautiful island and things you love. As for denim jackets - these are some great ideas for how to wear them! I love the look of a denim jacket over a sundress, but somehow it doesn't work on me. I usually wear mine with a skirt. Thanks again for your lovely comment, and for doing me the honor of becoming my newest follower!

  4. thanks for stopping by at my blog lisa! i finally finished game of thrones season 1 and can't wait to see the second season!!

  5. Hey Lisa, I love denim jackets. I have one that I've had for over 10 years now that hubby calls "The Jacket" LOL. It still looks great and I like to wear it with dresses, big bangles and necklace(s).


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