What I'm Lovin Today - The Jamaican Patty.


Jamaican Beef Pattie in Coco Bread...Yum!

I am thrilled to say we now have our very own Tastee Patties in our neck of the woods, here in Barbados and I have been eating one too many Jamaican beef Patties this week already...someone hold me back from the lovely buttery goodness of the Coco bread as well. YUM!!!!

 Talk about major flour I've consumed in the last five days. Anyway I no longer have to wait for one of my friends to send me frozen patties to bake, I can now eat them fresh each morning and evening. Some of you might be wondering what the darn is she going on about, but when you taste these babies there is no turning back. You can even experience these patties in lentils and chicken, if you are vegan or don't eat red meat... wonderful.

Well that's it about my diet, and the week is off to a great and busy start. I find myself longing to catch some wonderful sunshine each morning I drive pass the beach to go to work...a girl can dream can't she, but seriously I plan on doing something about it, one morning I'll swerve out of traffic, kick off my shoes and walk right to the water's edge. LOL.



  1. Oh my! When nect in Barbados I'm inviting myself round for some Jamaica Patty;-)

  2. Those look wonderful..would love to try one of these:))))) How delicious they look! xx

  3. Thanks girls, Feel free to come round for some patty....LOL.

    Lisa x

  4. Actually...Just had Jamaican patty for lunch (well 2 but who's counting? :) . Hubby had the patty in coco bread...yum.


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