Summer Styling.

MISSONI Mint And Chocolate JumpsuitMichael Kors Santorini raffia tote,

Happy Monday to all, and yes my Mother's Day was totally awesome, with a beach picnic and lots of delicious food and wine. A big thank you and kisses to all the Hubbies who made it special for all. Now we the wives are planning a beach Barbeque for Father's day and we plan to do all the grilling... so stay tuned for that.

I am also loving the look of this little outfit (above) for summer and the many family gatherings, backyard parties and beach limes that will be be sure to be taking place. I think jumpsuits are super kind to any body shape and come in a variety of prints and colors. Find the one to flatter your silhouette and get ready to play with your styling. Check below for more ideas you can try this up and coming summer whether elegant or casual. 



  1. I love the 3rd photo of the girl on the stairs and the second to last photo with the flowers, so so pretty!! Would love to wear them somewhere nice and sunny! It's been raining here. Hope you are well & have a super week ahead :) xx

  2. LOVE the materials they are making the jumpsuits out of, so flowing and silky. Amazing how they've changed! You have a wonderful week this week, too!

  3. This post makes me crave a jumpsuit!!


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