Weekend Reading.

The weekend is upon us and I'm looking forward to curling up with a good book. I have been very fortunate to find some great books this year, that I wish to share with you today. Be sure to check them out.

Being a woman of lists myself, Ann started this wonderful journey of writing down gifts, not to buy, not for someone else, but the gifts of God, a love list of sorts. She begins this list, of gifts, of one thousand of them, and realizes that she is changing. That she starts to see things differently.

The book, One Thousand Gifts, has captured my thoughts and heart in every way. It was exactly what I needed to read on being grateful to the fullest and being happy right where I stood. As someone who is negative by nature and a grumbler, it was time for a heart change. Isn’t it funny that the One who knows us so intimately, who created our every fiber, who knew us before we were created, knows and cares what I need to read. He directs me to what will shape my mind morning, noon and night.

Ann is poetic and real as dirt about her life and what it has been like to lose her sister to a horrific accident and overcoming.
It is also my challenge, to list 1000 things over the course of this year all that I am thankful for. I believe that it will be a stretching experience, a lesson on gratitude, that I intend to fully embrace. I am up to thirty-four gifts in my journal currently. It is an exercise in gratitude and my mind is changing. Everyday holds the promise of something new I have never fully been grateful for.

I am only on chapter 3, of 1000 gifts and already feel my heart expanding. I am so Grate-full!

One day with sometime on my hands, I wandered into one of my favorite second bookstores where I could easily lose myself for a few minutes. I stumbled upon this wonderful book based on the 25yr marriage of Philip and Holly Wagner, Pastors of the Oasis Church in LA. the book starts with this sentence...

" It is not your husband's job to give you a life. It is not his job to make you feel good about yourself."

Let's say after that opening I couldn't put it back on the shelf. Talk about getting my attention right when I least expected it.

This book show how you can create an extraordinary, fulfilling relationship . . . not the imaginary stuff of fairy tales, but a real and remarkable everyday love that will stand the test of time. Each chapter wraps up with a short "Just for the Men" section that briefly summarizes what your guy needs to know about loving you well. Needless to say i have already started sharing it with my Hubs. WINK!

I recently ordered this book and I'm still reading as we speak.

At 32, Louise is mousy, overweight, depressed, routinely ignored by her husband and stuck in a dead-end job. Her wardrobe is as drab as the rest of her life and her one female friend, if you can call her that is selfish, envious and just toxic to be around. Admit it, we all have/had friends like that; I recently got rid of mine.
This book will resonate with any woman who’s ever felt like her life has gone off-track.

Louise’s wake-up call comes by way of an old book she found in a second-hand bookstore. (Sounds familiar doesn't it. This confirms my reason to trawl bargain-books bins, you never know what treasures you will find!) A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, a French style expert, is a real book and Dariaux is a real person. This-book-within-a-book bit was really interesting, especially since Tessaro had lots of excerpts from Dariaux’ Elegance.

I won't give any further spoilers. So take care and have a great weekend my Lovelies.



  1. These sound wonderful, will check them out!! Have a super weekend x

  2. I picked up Elegence 2x and put it back...I am sold now. Have a super duper weekend,doll.

  3. Have read elegance and enjoyed it. Havre yet to read the first book in this series.
    Wishing you a sparkling weekend.xx


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