Happy Weekend and Mother's Day To Everyone.

With Mother's Day around the corner, I've also been reflecting on my son and daughter and my love for them. That's Layla with the fairy wings and she is a real Diva if I ever saw one. Here's a little about each of them.


Fave Foods: Cheese, Tomatoes, Ice-Cream, Pizza and Pasta.
Fave Toys: All her Barbies and a pink Teddy called Polka Dot.
Not a morning person at all.
Fave Movie: The Princess and the Frog and Tinker Bell: The Great Fairy Rescue.
Hates to have a bath and hates to get out of a bath.
Gives the best hugs ad kisses.
Loves to Pray.
Loves to wear anything with sequins. 
Hates to be pushed around by other kids.
Loves to run around barefoot in the grass.
Loves to eat cookie and cake batter.
Worships her Dad.
Loves the beach, but only goes in the water with Daddy.
Loves to creep into her parents bed wee hours of the morning.
Fave Color: Yellow

This is Liam my little gentleman and protector.


Fave Foods: Fried Chicken, Pizza, Ice cream and Spaghetti and Meatballs.
Fave Toys: Buzz Light Year and his football
Loves to stay up late on Friday nights.
Loves Cartoons.
Is very concerned about people when they're sick or hurt.
Fave Movie: Anything with a super hero in it.
Hates to clean his room. 
Gives the best hugs and kisses.
Cares about his friends.
Loves going to the beach.
Wants to be a Space Garbage Collector when he grows up. 
Loves to go to church.
Loves to watch Food Network.
Worships his Mum.
Makes a great macaroni and cheese pie.
Loves porridge only from his Granny.
Loves to ask the meaning of words.

Wishing all a very Happy Mother's Day.



  1. Thank you for your visit to my blog. Feel free to come back.

    Beautiful daughter you have!

    Happy weekend and lovely Mother's day.


  2. This is soo sweet. Happy Mothers' Day!

  3. Awh what a great post. I think I need to do this for my kiddos. It nice to freeze time like this and come back in a few years to see how much they have changed.

    Happy Mother's day to you

  4. Thank you for stopping by The Fashionhive!

    BEautiful family!!


  5. Very sweet :-) Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Aww, this is all so very sweet. Adorable post! Reminds me, I've not had porridge in quite a while. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day! -xo

  7. Hope your mother´s day was great.
    Mine was!!



  8. adorable kids. hope mothers day has treated you well. x

  9. Loved this! So many people don't even know the fave foods of their children. Both your kids have big beautiful smiles and sparkles in their eyes! So gorgeous!!


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