Happy Friday and Beaded Details.

Hello Everyone, after a busy week in the office, I'm looking forward to just taking it east today, probably a walk on the beach or just sitting in my fave cafe with my coffee and a good book. Sometimes I just need some alone time, how about you? Do you take time out for your self? Do you enjoy your solitude? I look forward to those times to gather my thoughts, to plan, meditate, pray or just watch the world go by. I find it is so necessary to have balance in my own life. How do love to spend time alone?  

Here are 3 reasons why you need to spend time alone

1. You’ll feel better and happier

We all seek happiness, but very few realize that happiness can only be found through moments of solitude. Otherwise, we will be drifted away from what is meaningful and what is valuable … and what brings us true happiness.

But spending time alone, in general, will make you feel better and be happy. Because, it is your way to an integrated mind, body and soul. It is your way to slow down, live in peace and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

2. You’ll be more focused and productive

The problem in our society nowadays is that people give much more value and importance to being busy, productive and serving others only.

What you need to know is that if you’re not in peace from the inside, you can’t project peace or bring joy to others on the outside. You can’t give what you lack.

Also, solitude helps improve your focus and productivity.

It’s good to be busy and productive. But the question is, “Where are you heading?” and “What are you busy doing?”

Are you being busy doing something joyful and meaningful to you?

3. You’ll get to know yourself more.

Spending time alone doesn’t mean that you’ll isolate yourself all the time.

You don’t need to isolate yourself from your beloved ones. You only need to find balance between being accessible to others and your accessibility to yourself!

Humans are social by nature. That’s why social networks like Facebook have boomed. We always seek more and better ways to communicate and easily know more about our friends and people we care about. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy alone too.

The real challenge is: How can you find and spend time alone in this hectic fast-paced world that seems to never sleep?

Cheers to the Weekend Everyone.



  1. I love that beaded clutch, it is marvelous. And I agree with being alone for a while. We need that space to get motivated and get things done!! Hope you have a super weekend :) x

  2. Amazing wisdom. That second to last top is beautiful. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. I think alone-time is important and I know that I need time alone to recharge after what I call "people-overload". I feel like it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, though....liking the beaded details

  4. Stunning beaded clutch bag. I adore beading it's such an art. It's definitely important to have time alone -- for me, I am usually reading or sewing something. Clears my head and also makes me happy.

  5. I always love moments of solitude and find them essential to my overall well-being. I couldn't function if I didn't have these on a regular basis xx

  6. Lord knows I need to spend more time alone, its tough with two kids! Somehow, they always manage to FIND you! Beautiful beaded photos.


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