The Loveliness of Lace.

Hello everyone, I've always adored lace from a child. My love affair goes as far back as my grandmother, and she had quite a collection of wonderful tablecloths, napkins, curtains and beautiful place settings. Now more than ever lace is no longer for just for brides and their maids. Lace can be seen anywhere, anytime, like at a gallery opening, happy hour and even the office.

Blue lace...SWOON!!!

Here is Kate killing it with turquoise lace, can she possibly be more divine.

I almost missed this green lace skirt, as I was distracted by the matching clutch and shoes...great ensemble.

Very sexy, this black lace pee-a-boo insert.

Lauren Conrad's plum lace dress is a keeper. What about you are you loving lace at this moment? For my cousin's wedding I'm hoping to find just the right lace outfit. Cheers to the weekend everyone. All images are via my Tumblr.




  1. I'd almost given up on that button to leave a comment. Was here many times. Hmmm, maybe Google's new stuff straightened thing out on my end. Love, totally love, lace. These are gorgeous outfits. And, you're right, Kate is divine. She looks great in whatever she wears. Plus, she radiates sincerity.

  2. There is something beautiful and lovely about lace...i love white lace especially!! Happy weekending!

  3. This is definitely lace done right : )


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