Try this Trend - Undereye Liner.

It’s easy, very edgy, and makes eyes POP. A thick line under the eyes might sound like venturing into the Adams Family territory, but keep it fresh (not frightening) with dewy skin, a pretty flush of colour on the lids, and lightly defined lashes. Is this your new smokey eye? I'm willing to try, what about you. See you on the other side gals!

Much Love Always.


  1. This heavy bottom liner sounds interesting. I've just recently started enjoying more makeup than my usual top eyeliner + eye shadow (1 color only). I do concealer and 2-3 different colors of eye shadow and mascara.
    I have done the bottom liner (light). One day I'll have to rock a heavier bottom liner, when I get bold enough.

  2. 'Try this trend?' Had no idea my favourite eye-makeup technique has now become trendy. I like it, though. Nice and easy. Warmly hope you are well.xx


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