bedside vignettes

Styling a beside table should reflect your personal taste and your unique style. My bedside table goes through many design changes from month to month, but my lamp is the only constant in my design. I think a great lamp is all you need to start with.

I'm loving all these bedside vignettes, from the new Lonny Magazine for August, that are just filling me with ideas...

I love the idea of a painting I adore above my bedside table.

What do you think of this unusual crystal{above}???



  1. That bed frame alone would be wonderful...really gorgeous images!! I like things like that around my bed to see when I wake up :)) Happy Monday xx

  2. Mine is pretty boring in comparison, a glass of water, books and a lamp...

  3. Unmistakable style, classy and sophistication with a cool and youthful touch.

  4. great piece doll! - right now mine just have a lamp on each - *boring*

  5. I love #2 as well. That painting is really cool - totally makes the room. When I get the green light to sell this house I am going to only bring items I love to my new place and make it completely me! xo


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