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The number of articles worn by a fashionable woman has considerably diminished since the beginning of the century. However even though a woman's lingerie may be reduced to to two pieces, they should at least be matching. It is the height of negligence to wear a white brassiere with a black girdle, or reverse.

Women are making a mistake in neglecting this potential added attraction to their charms. In short: when you dress, think always that later on you will be undressing and in front of whom.

After all nothing betrays a woman more than her lingerie;it is infinitely more revealing than a thousand hours on a psychiatrist's couch.

One final word: this not an area in which you throw discretion to the wind. Do not confuse beautiful lingerie, the kind that supports well and remain fresh, with the cheap, vulgar stuff of men's magazines. Fascinating? I am sure. 
But elegant it is NOT.

A man likes to think that his significant other (wife) is attractive and discerning even when he is not looking, and surly that is the image you want him to have at all times and the one that will excite his deepest admiration.

- Genevieve Antoine Dariaux- Fashion Expert and Author of Elegance.

All images are my Pinterest board {lLngerie Addict}



  1. I think it's so important to wear great fitting lingerie, it really does help improve the outer look of your clothes. And women especially need to wear good fitting bras as it takes care of their breasts and gives them the support they need. And you feel better when you look great undressed too & every women should feel that :) Loved this. I hope you are doing well xx

  2. Have you ever noticed how many ladies where a really bad bra? So important. Great post! Also, thanks for your sweet comment about my new adventure, I'm so excited!

  3. Although I don't wear frilly underwear all that much, these are super cute, Lisa.


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