What Are You Longing For?

I long for a quiet place to meditate and to pray...to quiet my mind and to find solace in my God. I love moments like these, to be still and not get lost in the noise of my life. With my agenda always full, it seems somtimes like my life is carrying me around instead of the other way around.

What are you longing for???


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I hear you... some peace in my mind is welcome, hope you will find some, hugs,
    Maureen x

  2. Beautiful words. I am not quite sure what it is I long for, but I know I want it.

  3. Quietness to think and ponder without distraction, a good long nap without the sounds of children shouting to wake me up and confidence in myself that won't be bothered when someone tries to bring me down..that is what I'd like :)) Have a super weekend x

  4. I am so with you DD. Thanks for stopping by.

    Lisa x

  5. lovely image and words.

    I long so much for peace in my life!!!

    kisses and have a great restful weekend

  6. What am i longing for? I don't know I think I'm tired of chasing my dream... Next time I'm just going to ask them where their are going so I can meet them there later...

  7. I'm with you I longing for a peaceful place where I can be alone with God.

  8. Just a little humor I have. Yes I do stop by time to time but I read your Blog and every one else's Blog's in Google reader for over a year and yours too. all the time I don't know if you use G-Reader they just made it easy to read others peoples Blogs with out going to the Blog.


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