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Well here I am again posting about my love of sparkle, but with a twist. I would love to share about a few of the lovely women bloggers I've been fortunate to meet over the last month or so, and who in my humble opinion sparkle from the inside out.  

Firstly I would like  to introduce you to... Drum-roll please - Dainty Doll House, she is so inspiring and eloquent in the way she writes, that I can't help but get a dose of her frequently...even though I don't comment as often. She has a way of making you feel like she is someone you've known all your life. I don't know which I love more her street style or her inspirational post filled with quotes. be sure to check her out here looking most classy. Thank you so much Kizzy for being a source of encouragement to me through your blog. 

Secondly, Mrs. Sutton @ The Hill House Dairies, who is the mother of 3(but you can't tell) and shares her love of interiors and who loves to find a bargain whether she is attending an antique fair or flea market, her finds are amazing. Actually you never know what she'll acquire next, but she keeps me coming back for more.

Thirdly,  A Very Sweet Blog, I just adore Kim and her shenanigans. Check out her most recent post on her visit to Party City, trying on halloween costumes, here. Kim's blog is definitely a must read, so drop by and tell her Lisa sent you.

I know I can go on but I won't. So here are a few more inspiring lady bloggers, that I hope you will visit and come to love as I do. Continue to sparkle everyone and thanks again for all your inspiration. Cheers my Lovelies and a Happy weekend ahead.



  1. Awww, lady! You are too sweet! Thanks for the sparkle love....I've been thinking about quitting the blog and then I remember people like you and I think, I'll keep at it. Thanks soooooo much. Will go check out all these other ladies pronto. Have a fab weekend.

  2. Why thank you! My apologies for being absent around here as life has taken over and left little time for me to catch up on my blog reading. Enjoy your weekend, and maybe after the wedding madness, things will get back to normal :)

  3. Ahhh...bless you!! Really, I am lost for words now..that is ever so kind of you to want to include me :))) I just blog, I never think anyone will read my posts, I just enjoy doing them :) But, I'm really humbled by your words, that means a lot :)) Bless you, really. nice!! Thank you, I'm honoured!! Big hugs and love to you Xxxx

  4. i just love the sparkle! so fabulous. i am really loving the above so much. my closet needs it!

  5. Aaaah, thank you, my lovely. You've just made my day!!

    And thank you also for the recommendations. Some of these are new to me - I'm looking forward to checking them out!


  6. Lisa, you are a doll girl! HAHAHA Thanks so much for the shout out! You've made my day and I'm so humbled to be a part of this great list of blogs you love and admire. That really means a lot! My goal is to put a SMILE on everyone's face that reads my posts. I appreciate every reader! I can't wait to check out this list! Kizzy and I are blog buddies!!! She is ULTRA FABULOUS! Have a great weekend!!! ((HUG))

  7. Lots of lovely sparkles. I shall go check out those blogs now.

  8. Awwww, this was really sweet. I'm sure you made all their days a lot sparklier!


  9. Dainty doll is such a treat to visit. I adore her. Such a big heart and inner warmth. xx

  10. Oh Lisa - Thank you SO much for the mention!!! I am truly honoured! I just arrived home from a few days away to see your message, and what a delight it was - a perfect homecoming! Entering blogland, (at a time when I had just moved across the country to a complete,y new area and knew no-one), was one of the best things that I have ever done - 'meeting' such wonderful ladies from around the world, such as yourself, has been a revelation, a comfort and a joy. Reading your posts and comments puts a smile on my face each and every day, so thank you once again, for being a part of my journey at Hill House, and here's to more shared laughter and beautiful insights into each others lives,
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx


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