October 08, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Raspberry Tart and The Cook's Atelier

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here is the lovely couple Matt and Julie at Tiger in A Jar.  They document life through film and pictures, and they are endlessly inspired by the world around them. I found the above images stunning , not to mention it seems like I can almost taste everything. Have a great week ahead and stay tuned for more this week.



  1. Lisa, that video is amazing! The music and preparation makes me want to jump in the kitchen! HaHa

  2. This looks marvellous, loved that :)) Love to cook too. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead doll :) xx

  3. Yum! Oh how I wish I had one of those raspberry tarts!


  4. I like the raspberry tart video. Thanks for sharing!


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