Sunday Servings: "Come let us have tea".

Isn't it lovely when we can dedicate time to tea, good friends and great conversation. Set a table any afternoon with small distinctively shaped sandwiches that will satisfy cravings. For example, Radish and Wasabi , dill and cucumber, egg salad, smoked salmon and cream cheese.  Have a selection of aromatics on hand to meet the varied taste of each guest.

I believe the beauty of tea lies in the pretty cups of china, the prettier the better for me and lets not forget great company.

Have sweet selections on hand of miniature cupcakes, tart-lets, puff pastry with cream and macaroons. Scones baked to golden perfection are always a favorite, served with jam and clotted cream.



  1. I love this....I've been itching to have a tea party for some friends..I guess I just need to make it happen.*hugs*

  2. these look so good Lisa! hahaha you know I love EVERYTHING as it relates to tea!
    great images!


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