March 04, 2013

daydreaming...of street cafes

From the Netherlands to Solvenia, from Louisana to Dubai, street cafes have always held a certain charm and romanticism for me. There is nothing like a cup of expresso, a light lunch, your fave dessert or a glass of wine, no matter where you are in the world right now, there is street cafe not far. Whether you are with the girls, that special someone or alone; yes alone its always a treat, to take a break and relax. Today I'm daydreaming of a far away, exotic destination and sitting pretty in a street cafe to just watch the world go by... to just be and enjoy the moment.

Paris, France





Cheers to a love week ahead.


  1. I totally agree. There's something so lovely about sitting outside like this. Only when it's warm though!

  2. i like to sit out and just watch the people pass. it's fun to just enjoy your surroundings.

  3. I can't wait until the spring! I am going to enjoy meeting with my girlfriends and eating outside. Thanks, for this post!

  4. Ahh the cafe society - oh how I adore it. Happy weekend to you my island sista;)

  5. Nice post and pics.wanna follow eachother?


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