decor trend: exposed brick

I love the look of exposed bricks, especially pre-existing walls in old buildings and apartment blocks. Where ever I go whether a cafe, bar or home these walls speak of character and history. So instead of covering them up, show them off, at least that's what most interior designers are doing.

Have a great weekend folks. I'm off to take the kids to see Iron man 3.



  1. enjoy! i attempted to get tickets, but it's sold out all weekend, so we'll have to wait. happy weekend;)

  2. I cant wait to see Iron Man 3 but knowing the cinema in my neck of the woods that might not be until sometime in June, lol!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.
    Sandra from South Africa

  4. I never thought that exposed brick is so nice looking like these.Really great.Thanks for the inspiration.

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