the glorious powder room

What a glamorous "powder room" this is. I adore the marble tiles in grey and white tones with the black lacquered tones. Of course, it's very witty how they have used the tiles in a chevron pattern on the floor, while horizontal on the walls.  Lighting here is also just right, not too dark and not too bright  due to half the room painted smoky, charcoal grey. Also don't get me started on that mirror. What do you think? Do you have a powder room in your home?

The term powder room dates back to the early 18th century, when it was used to refer to a closet-sized room where people went to have their wigs re-powdered. The expression carried through to Victorian times, when any reference to personal bodily functions was considered indelicate. Ladies of the era were embarrassed to speak of such things and would excuse themselves from mixed company to go to "powder their noses." In fact, many women still use refer to a public ladies’ room with this term.

Loving this so much, my daughter wants her bathroom to look like this.

I love this mirror and how well it blended with this graphic wallpaper and that sink is just to die for.

Now this wallpaper is spectacular, giving a very country rustic feel to this powder room.



  1. no I dont have but for sure I would like one like this_also, I would like to come to Barbados:)


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