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What a lovely morning it is to spend with my best-est friend Sonia, she is off to pursue her second degree of Law in Trinidad and Tobago. Even though she will be not far away, I will miss her terribly. This morning we grabbed a quick breakfast in the park, to catch up on what been happening in her life as she prepares to jet off, to what will be quite an adventure.

I admire her so much as she is going to leave behind her family to make this dream a reality, some of us can relate to this. We spoke about it not being easy and making sacrifices as she pursues furthering her education. I will miss her tons, our conversations, me hanging out at her home with her family and of course eating having lunch on Sunday afternoons after church. Did I say already I'm going to miss this woman...LOL.

Well I am trying real hard not to be emotional, but I feel like I'm losing my friend, but I'm totally supportive as she makes this move. I know her husband will hold the family together in the meantime, and after all, time will fly by and she'll be back home again.

In reflection,Mothers make sacrifices everyday whether big or little for our families and children, it's a lesson I am personally learning everyday as a single mum. Sometime ago someone asked me if I regretted having my kids, now my marriage is over. Answer: Never, its the best thing to come out of it and besides where would I be without them, they are the stars in my crown.


  1. beautiful pictures! That food looks so delicious :)

  2. oh I envy you sooo muchI miss my friends and coffee mornings:) and would like to be there-visited t&t couple of years ago, it was wonderful, oh gotta love Caribbean :)


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