September 27, 2013

the birthday girl

Well yesterday was my wee daughter's sixth birthday and she celebrated with her classmates with cake and lemonade a well as bubble blowers. She was really happy and proud to include her BFF by her side.

 Blowing out her candles, I know what she wished for.

Here is Auntie Lana handing out party blowers. I always get emotional at the kids birthdays and try to make it extra special. Tonight I wanted to take them out to dinner, but started to come down with a cold and I'm fighting it off at the moment, so might just do a movie. So much rest for me this weekend, cheers my lovelies.



  1. Ahh. How sweet! To be six again. Uniforms reminds me of school life in Barbados. Warmly hope you are well.

  2. This is precious. She's such a cutie pie. Hope you guys enjoyed the day.

  3. awww happy birthday to your sweet girl..i love that she celebrated at school!!


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