The Attitude of Gratitude

This past year being grateful to God for his many blessings has rescued me in more ways than one. I have been facing many different challenges of recent times that could have stolen my joy and peace of mind. But thanks to a very supportive family and church, my kids and I have been very fortunate. Sometimes we can feel alone and not sure how to deal with life as it happens. I have found that journal-ling has been good for me, as I wrote my thoughts both good and bad, I begun to be grateful for not only the messes of life, but have respect for hard times that cause us to become stronger in our thinking and our resilience.

Journal-ling has also included writing scriptures that inspire me and give hope, when hope is low. I am now dedicating a small notebook to scriptures that has become a lifeline in the pass year of my separation from my spouse. I am sure being able to have time to myself, to write songs, prayers etc. has given me the strength to face each day and most of all to find myself again.

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So as we face the Holidays, let's take the time to show gratitude to love ones.



  1. I think I'm finally going to start that gratitude journal. It is so easy to lose sight of what I DO have and focus only on what I want. xx hugs xxx


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