look of the week: Naomie Harris

London is calling my lovelies and I'm crushing on this delicious coat worn by Naomie Harris. The Bond gal was seen at the BURBERRY PRORSUM FALL 2014 SHOW during London fashion week, in a Burberry Prorsum, pre-fall 2014 coat no less. This velvet coat is so divine and can stand on it's own without multiple accessories. Naomie looks stunning without overdoing, while her shoes, (also Burberry) don't necessarily fill me joy, but these shoes do say she is willing to not play it safe and throw caution to the wind. Her stylist probably had a fit about this display of chartreuse velvet. Let the record show, I do love a girl to show a 
little unpredictability on the carpet.

Here's some inspiration from Burberry Prorsum at the 
London fashion week. Who knew a belted scarf over a light dress or trench coat could look so fly, I'm loving the shoes and handbags as well.

Take Care my Lovelies.

Images via: Suki Waterhouse,  Getty Images, Fashion Cents, Tom and Lorenzo.


  1. Overdue, but thank you for visiting my blog recently and your comment. I'm glad that post (and sentence) were able to give you a different perspective :)

  2. Naomie looks so pretty and elegant in the rich blue coat. Velvet is so luxurious and I love the way the shoes echo the fabric and what a great colour combination too. I'm so pleased to have stumbled across your lovely blog. Your posts are so varied which appeals to me and I'm delighted to be following along now.

  3. I love scarves in any form. Love some of the shoes - I love visiting your blog because I'm always inspired.

  4. She is gorgeous and I love this coat so much...I wish I could afford one myself...so beautiful!! I like that she left everything else laid back and let the coat work for her and her shoes balance it all out with another colour. Perfect!! I hope you are doing well doll...have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. This is such a rich sophisticated coat - Naomi look amazing. I like the idea of belting a scarf as part of an outfit, very chic and I'm defo gonna try it. Thanks for the inspiration there and also your generous visit on my blog. Your comments put a smile on my face. Appreciated and following back.
    *Nice to meet you/Hugs.*



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