summer's end with a white party

Hello my Lovelies, just got wind one of my Besties is planning a white party. What an amazing idea and I can't wait. So it got me thinking (what will I wear???) of compiling some great looks, for the party to 
end this years summertime. 
First up is this black and white number. I would love to step away from the frilly/romantic, to look this edgy with the right amount of femininity. (Can I wear black and white to an all white party though...Hmmph! or a hint of color??)

This sun dress would be perfect for an early evening soiree, on the lawn under white tents. A white hat would definitely be a stand out conversation piece.

How cute is this my peeps, all the right things happening with  this LWD.

Aww, silver accessories.

Flowing and pretty.

These blue shoes are most adorable.

Only accessory here would be a banging body, in this off the shoulder number (probably won't be able to eat very much though). So what do you think my lovelies?? I would love to hear from you as to your preferences.

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Love Lisa x


  1. I love the white dresses... they are beautiful and stylish Lisa ♡

  2. A white party! - what a stylish way to say farewell to the summer! I might have to try that. I probably won't serve berries and red wine though :) xx

  3. @Yuko I agree, more white wine and sushi. Thanks for stopping by.

    Lisa x

  4. Sounds like it gonna be fun. I love all the outfit, but the first one defo is my best. Can't wait to see what you wear. Hope you'll show us. :) Great post hun!

  5. Wow, pretty looks!


  6. I love the idea of having an all white party it is so classy and refreshing, I think its great when everyone makes an effort and sticks to the theme. I deffo want an all white party for my 21st, I look the styles you've picked out in this post x x

    Jess x

  7. Oh I love these looks! There will be a white party in town this weekend too! I was looking for something white just this week! Thanks for the inspiration!


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