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Hello everyone, just a quick post of some conversation and food for thought. I have been thinking a lot about life's circumstances out of my control. I guess
 it's the effects of the new year and the situations, I currently face. My thoughts have been about how much I worry about things, people, etc. I am a worrier, there I've admitted it and I'm somewhat bashful to admit, but if you are honest, so are you.

If we are still making plans and goals, is it your goal to forgive others, mend broken relationships? How do we move on from bad situations and their consequences? How do we change the things that are not within in our control in the first place? 

I believe the answer lies in our perspective, how we think. Our mindsets need to change and become one that's sees possible solutions. How we perceive things speaks volumes as to how we will approach life struggles. We need a mind change, to not do the predictable... whatever our predictable is. For example, my predictable is:  I am famous for shooting off my big mouth, instead of listening carefully, especially when I'm frustrated and angry.

Another answer lies in the fact that we don't need to know everything. As women, sometimes we need the whole story, to make a decisive decision. I made it point late last year to not need to know everything in a particular situation. Trust me it took me awhile to reach that point. But when I did it was very freeing and powerful for me to move on from it.

After much journalling and meditation, I can safely say, I have not arrived by any stretch of the imagination, as to stop being a worrier, but I do have a healthier approach to worry ...if there is such a thing...and it is to be more prayerful and to trust the outcome... whether it's in my favour or not.

Cheers my Lovelies!


  1. I love this post Lisa!! Appreciate your vulnerability too!!

  2. That coffee actually was tempting :)
    Blogging is an excellent way to dispel our negative feelings. Reading others' blogs and writing comments will help in developing a wide network of friends. It is like 'give and take' :)
    Group meditation with like minded individuals helps in sharing blissful energy :)
    Relax...everything is going to be alright :)


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