the new year and what I know for sure

To  all my lovelies may the New Year be filled with every good thing. May God bless you and continue to guide you through all life's challenges and victories.

The year 2015 has been a year that has been filled with peaks and lows, I didn't post much here on the blog as I lost my Dad. Needless to say with my divorce not concluded and his passing I was absent from the blog most of year as my perspective was one of grief and coping with loss. Can anyone out there relate?

I am still not sure how to face the new year, if you know what I mean, it's like I can't face another disappointing thing and I'm frightened somewhat. So regardless of whether I am ready, life goes on and it doesn't miss a beat.

This year I saw both my children, come thru the toughest time in their lives, to come out on the other end, whole, grounded and secure. Nothing can prepare a child for a parent leaving the home, it doesn't matter from what angle you look at it. I have had to put myself on a back-burner to concentrate on them emotionally and mentally. I had taken to reading any and everything I could get my hands to answer their questions. But in the end I needed answers too, to a 15 year marriage shattered and leaving me questioning every memory of it.

I have learnt to embrace my single mum status and to embrace my children and to accept them for who they are. It's amazing how close we are and I wouldn't change that for the world. I would change however, how I relate to a boy now 12 years old, in who confidence is key and an eight year old girl going on 19 who thinks being a florist is her calling in life. So I think I'll be reading more parenting books in 2016.

In conclusion and as 2015 slips away and 2016 arrives, I know one thing for sure - I am not alone, God continues to walk with me and guides me thru the expected and unexpected and I have my family and friends that are true and close to my heart. I will be making sure I treasure them and not take time with them for granted. I miss my Dad, we had a great last conversation, but sometimes I wish I could have said more and done more and be more with him.

So there you are my recap and truth. Ilook forward to being here more and sharing all the loveliness I can find amidst life happenings.

So cheers my lovely readers. See you in 2016.


  1. Lovely post :)
    Let this year be full of fun, happiness and love !

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  3. I'm hoping 2016 is better than 2015. There was so much going on last year. Smh. Looking forward to better!!!!


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