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Sigrid Blouse and Sirpo Wrap Pullover from Anthropologie.

Hello everyone, are some you still trying to find that Thanksgiving outfit. here are some of my holiday picks for the season. I adore the Sigrid Blouse from Anthropologie that just screams holiday season, it's flattering in any size, when paired with Black leggings or skinny jeans.
I am also a big fan of draping and the Sirpo pullover in red is indeed one of my favs for
 all holiday parties.

Plush Jersey Off The Shoulder Sweater from Express

Color Block Lace Top A-Line Dress from Express
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Also from Anthropologie is this gorgeous Berlin midi skirt and printed Jacqui dress is divine. So I hope this post might give you a few more ideas as Thanksgiving draws near. Cheers to the Hols my lovelies.


  1. Beautiful outfits. Love the first (lacy) one and the two on bottom - oh who am I kidding - I love them all. I told Alpha Hubby we need to go out so I can have an excuse to purchase a holiday outfit!!

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